Trócaire appeal asks to give the gift of love for Christmas 2017

5 Dec, 2017 | News

Adeego Adan Hussein is assisted by hospital staff in feeding her daughter, Deeqa Ibrahim, with Plumpy Sup. Photo: Amunga Eshuchi.

Overseas development agency Trócaire has launched its Christmas 2017 appeal with a new video titled “Until Love Conquers Fear”. The video highlights all those across the world facing fear this Christmas, and the work of Trócaire in responding to those in need.

Trócaire director Éamonn Meehan explained that the campaign highlights the different ways ethical donations from Ireland can help people facing daily battles for survival:

‘The people we work with face lots of challenges – hunger, human rights violations, extreme poverty,” he said. “At the heart of it, they all face fear, whether it is the fear of watching your child starve or the fear of being a victim of violence. People in Ireland respond to that through a genuine love of humanity. By supporting our Christmas appeal, you are helping to offer love and support by providing food, water, shelter and safety to those desperately in need.’

As part of the appeal, Trócaire has highlighted the stories of people it is supporting this Christmas. Those helped include Nofa Dergham and her four children from Syria are now staying at a Trócaire shelter in the region, where Nofa is receiving skills training and her children attend a school in the camp; Athanasie Nirere and her family from Rwanda, whose Trócaire-supported farm and shop now supports 15 other people; Consuelo Soto and her community in Honduras who are supported in lobbying against the destruction of their homeland; and mother and child Nancy and Meshak, who is one of the 13,000 children receiving food aid in Kenya. Their stories and the “Until Love Conquers Fear” video can be viewed on the Trócaire website,

To support Trócaire’s work this Christmas people are asked to donate at, by calling 1850 408 408 or by visiting Trócaire’s centres in Dublin, Cork and Belfast. Donations can also be made through Trócaire’s ethical Christmas gifts.

Éamonn Meehan continued, ‘I have seen the real difference these gifts can make. It is no exaggeration to say that they are having an immediate, practical impact on families throughout the developing world. For example, millions of people in east Africa are still fighting for survival in the face of drought and crop failures. The gift of chicks for families in Kenya and Ethiopia can give them a critical extra source of income from their eggs and it is also a vital source of protein for the family. A simple gift like chickens can help parents to keep their children in school even during difficult months and give them important nutrition.’

This year’s ethical Christmas gifts include chicks for families in Kenya and Ethiopia (€7), solar lamps for families in the DRC (€15), school lunches for children in Somalia (€30), goats in Kenya and DRC (€50), beehives for Kenya (€65), care for mothers and their new born babies in Somalia (€85), water pumps and irrigation around the world (€100), land for a family home in Myanmar, Honduras and Guatemala (€150), a farming kit for families in the DRC (€200) and support for women’s small businesses around the world (€250).

‘One4All’ Trócaire cards are also available in post offices countrywide. Priced from €15 to €100.



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