Trócaire thanks everyone for supporting its Lenten campaign

23 Apr, 2024 | Church, News, World

Trócaire expresses gratitude to all who supported its Lented campaign.

Following the conclusion at Easter of the 2024 Lenten campaign on the theme of climate justice for the people of Malawi, Anna Keegan, Trócaire’s Church Outreach Officer, said, “we would like to thank parishes, schools, community groups and many more individuals who helped tell the story of Malita and her family in Malawi.  Malita and her family are losing their crops, food supplies and livelihood to climate change, as they face extreme rain and drought.  Many of you took the story of Malita into your hearts and homes with our Trócaire box, coming to events and listening to speakers around the country.  We are always humbled by the warm welcome Trócaire staff and volunteers receive in local areas especially at the time of Lent.”

Ms Keegan continued, “despite the poverty and unpredictability, they face, Malita’s family are resilient and resourceful, determined to adapt to the changing climate; Malita’s priority is to ensure her children don’t go hungry.  Like Malita, despite all that is going on in Ireland today, people are so generous and understand the work that we hope to achieve together for a just world.  Sometimes, when we see the images on our screens of such injustice in the world it can be hard, and we can lose heart.  However, the Easter message is clear.  Last Sunday as we read the gospel of Luke we listen in particular to this line: ‘Their joy was so great that they still could not believe it’ (Luke 24:35‐48).”

Ms Keegan concluded, “We are people of hope, of love, of joy – we know that hope is found in action, and through God all things are possible.  The Easter message is alive in all the countries where Trócaire works.  We continue in the new Easter time with the joy the disciples had to continue the work of justice.  Thank you for your constant support for the mission and work of Trócaire.”



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