Trócaire warn of crisis in Malawi as a result of drought and damage to crops caused by climate change

4 Apr, 2016 | News

Trócaire are warning of an upcoming crisis in Malawi stemming from drought and damage to crops caused by climate change. Speaking from Malawi, Trócaire’s Eoghan Rice said “We could be looking at one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the country’s living memory.”

Trócaire began working in Malawi in 1976, increasing support significantly during their 2001-2002 food crisis. Trócaire’s work in Malawi aims to reduce poverty, increase resilience to drought and floods, improve the rights of women and to increase the capacity of citizens and civil society organisations to shape policy at local and national levels and hold leaders to account.

Malawi was the key focus in Trócaire’s 2014 Lenten campaign. For more information on Trócaire’s work in Malawi, and to see what you can do to help visit: 


Photo: Trócaire FLICKR


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