UK bishops will continue to participate at COMECE post Brexit

7 Feb, 2020 | News

As the United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union, the COMECE Presidency has commented on Brexit and its implications for the Catholic Church in Europe. COMECE was established to represent the Episcopal Conferences of Europe, on 3 March 1980, so as to build a dialogue and interact with the EU institutions.

COMECE said, “The United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. We are saddened, but as defender of freedom of expression and democracy, the Catholic Church in Europe respects the will expressed by the British citizens during the 2016 Referendum.

“As stated by the Bishops of the United Kingdom, we welcome the Brexit Deal recently achieved between the UK and the EU. It can be seen as a victory of common sense and good neighbourly relations.”

COMECE invited people of goodwill to pray for the common good and pray that Brexit will have no effect on the fraternal relations between people on both shores.

In conclusion, COMECE said, “Despite Brexit, the Bishops’ Conferences of the United Kingdom will remain an integral part of the Church in Europe. Their Bishop Delegates will even continue to be participating at COMECE, at the political level as observer members, and at the technical level within the framework of the COMECE Commissions and Working Groups.



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