“Violence solves nothing” – Bishop Donal McKeown on the murder of journalist Lyra McKee

by | 22 Apr, 2019 | News

The Bishop of Derry has issued a statement on the murder of journalist Lyra McKee saying, “Violence solves nothing…. we believe the original Good Friday message that love in stronger than hatred”.

Speaking on Good Friday, Bishop Donal Mc Keown said, “This Good Friday morning there is a deep air of sadness hanging over this city. The murder of journalist Lyra McKee is causing widespread shock and revulsion. Our first thoughts and prayers are with Ms McKee’s family and friends who are terribly grieved by her killing.

“I have every confidence that the wider community will come together at this time to make clear our conviction that violence solves nothing. Last July this city of Derry stood together against those who sought to engender conflict. I repeat my call from the Unity of Purpose rally on Fahan Street that destruction and aggression end up damaging the very communities that some people claim to be defending. You cannot claim to love your country and, at the same time, cause death and pain to the people who live here. All who live here deserve to be cherished equally.”

Concluding his statement, Bishop Mc Keown said, “that spirit of coming together against violence has brought us a long way in the last twenty years. It will continue today for we believe the original Good Friday message that love is stronger than hatred.”




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