Webinar to inspire priests from the past, the present and the future

19 Oct, 2023 | Bishops, Church, News

Father Billy Swan, the editor of The Hook of Faith in conjunction with the National Vocations Office is hosting three Zoom webinars as an initiative for the Year for Vocation to the Diocesan Priesthood with the title; ‘Inspiring Priests from the past, for the present and the future’.  The webinars will take place on 31 October, 1 and 2 November at 8.00pm.

The Year for Vocation is currently being managed by the National Vocations Office of the Irish Bishops’ Conference and will run until Good Shepherd Sunday, 21 April 2024.  Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan (pictured speaking to three seminarians) is chair of the Bishops’ Council for Vocations.

For the webinars, Dr Patrick Kenny will focus on  the theme ‘Priests from the past’ speaking about Priestly Witness and Courage of Father Willie Doyle SJ on 31 October.  Father Shaun Doherty and Father Billy Swan will speak on the theme of ‘Priests for the presents’ will speak about Hopes of a newly Ordained Priest and the Gratitude of a Jubilarian on 1 November.  For the last webinar, 2 November, Father Tomás Surlis, Rector of Saint Patrick’s Seminary, Maynooth and Stephen Sherry, a seminarian for the Diocese of Clogher will speak about ‘Priests for the future’.

Interested individuals can join the free Zoom sessions by sending an email to [email protected].



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