‘Work of politicians of faith cannot be underestimated’ – Fr Tomás Surlis

6 Mar, 2020 | News

In January, members of the seminary community from Maynooth were hosted to Leinster House for a seminar on Politics and Christian Culture by Senator Rónán Mullen. Former Taoiseach John Bruton spoke at the seminar, alongside Secretary General and Clerk of the Dáil, Peter Finnegan, and Assistant Secretary and Parliamentary Legal Advisor, Mellissa English.

Speaking after the seminar, Father Tomás Surlis, Rector of the National Seminary, said, “Politics and politicians play an important role in serving the common good, by endeavouring to develop a society and a State in which each citizen, visitor and guest is not only welcomed but is allowed to flourish and to make a contribution to the harmonious and integrated development of the community according to each person’s unique gifts and mission in life.

“The work that politicians of faith do becomes immensely valuable when their minds are open to the enlightenment given by God’s Spirit of love through the lived example of Jesus Christ which has been imitated by many other politicians and civil leaders across the ages.”

Father Surlis concluded, “As Pope Francis said in Dublin Castle during the World Meeting of Families 2018, “Ireland, in listening to the polyphony of contemporary political and social discussion, will not be forgetful of the powerful strains of the Christian message that have sustained it in the past, and can continue to do so in the future.”



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