World Youth Day organisers take steps to alleviate concerns about security of pilgrims

18 Jul, 2016 | News

The organisational team at World Youth Day took steps over the weekend to alleviate concerns around security for World Youth Day pilgrims following the attack in Nice last Thursday. They issued ten tweets covering ten points for pilgrims to be aware of.

These are:

1) Krakow2016 has been preparing for more than two years to welcome World Youth Day with a broad security scheme.

2) The security level is at a high governmental level. Authorities and heads of State will be present in Poland.

3) There are 20,000 police officers; 2,400+ fire fighters; 800 government protection agents; and 1,500 officers of boarder control who will be operating as part of #Krakow2016.

4) More than 5,000 volunteer fire brigade personnel will join the security force in Poland.

5) The Land Border control has been reinstated from 4 July to 2 August. Schengen-buses mobile checkpoints will be helping pilgrims reach and cross the border.

6) There are no reports of problems with the World Youth Day site in Brzegi.

7) 14 Emergency Hospital Wards, 10 Admissions Units, 32+ Medical Rescue Teams, 40 Primary Healthcare & additional hospital beds are available for World Youth Day pilgrims.

8) Additional telecommunications infrastructure and creation of independent communication between staff and volunteers is underway #Krakow2016.

9) #WYD #Krakow2016 is not a random meeting of thousands on the streets of Krakow – we have been preparing for 2+ years and we’re thankful to have the entire governmental security system who are working around the clock to make the event secure.

10) Join us! #WYD is waiting for you! “Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors for Christ!” and be a witness to the world, of faith and hope.

Sixteen hundred pilgrims from sixteen dioceses, religious congregations and ecclesial groups will travel to World Youth Day from Ireland. Follow the Irish pilgrims at World Youth Day on #IrishatWYD.



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